Tuesday, September 4, 2012

state fair update

I was scheduled to work 9 to 9 for twelve days at the state fair.
The River Raft Ride
These are the "French Fries" fairy's they were scketchy
He swallowed that whole thing. shit got weird
Fried Lamb Fries
This is Mike He's the man
lamb "Fries"
we Broke down...
It was an easy
This place.... airheads for 25 cents
Steichen's general Store get some
W1hen we left cops were digging through the trash and the porta-potty's looking for a knife... 
DNR center
this is a real moose
Matt Kehoe
Disaster Aversion Specialist 
Lamb was everywhere...
The arcade
Free Games
Smokin is right
Dubstep.... Horrible.
this is pirate's island
the ship
slept a few nights
This is upper control most of my day here consisted of stopping Troft-Charging Toddlers from running completely into the river....
 The food makes everyone dumb. Its confirmed
Steering wheel
this is the Geyser before 
and after
all fucking day 
that was a Sinking Ship
This is made of trash pulled out of the mississippi river its pretty sweet
the peruvian band was on it
Ride or die
"protecting and serving" 
The stratosphere
Some kid was throwing up in the green car in the upper left.
That shit was everywhere
10'000 lakes
the Go-Kart guys let us get some laps with he governors off
fun as fuck

130 hours later 


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