Saturday, September 29, 2012



the nook, always sometimes
rooftop hangin
Jd's new ride
shits legit
Jd with his new helmet for his new ride

I went to HDHR with jessePaul & ColeLinzmeyer
it was a long drive
hour 17
hour 19

the first place we went to was millie burger, this spot is right down the street, love this spot. 
got to see a premier of thismustbetheplace in utah 
your boy
Fraher giving the stickandpoke
Somewhere before or after vegas. maybe hour 26, shit was getting weird
Hour 29
Finally get to bear 
BLS! - omg what does that mean
the setup was pretty gnarly followed by some cheese down bars that were way to close to hay bails. lots of bails
i was pretty drunk at this point
paul and tyler filmer nerds
RP bout to
spencer with some snowskate action
new friends old freinds good times
they were watching me pee in the bathroom
party time
Jake OE on the big screen at the night club
recent internet come ups

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